Pricing may vary based on the specifics of each project.  Packages typically include delivery of digital photographs (file sharing via, DVD, or memory stick) that I select and edit, but do not include prints.  There is no minimum purchase for prints.   I retain the copyright and may use the images for any purpose including as work examples and advertising, and you receive the right to use the photos in any way, including display, print, and online use.  Here are some pricing guidelines:

Business Headshot Session – In Studio – Individual     $125.00

Business Headshot Session – On Location     $600.00 (covers 2-5 people) + $100.00 for each additional person

Family Portrait Session – On Location     $175.00 (covers 2-4 people) + $50 for each additional person

Couple’s Portrait Session – On Location     $150.00

Individual Portrait Session – In Studio or On Location     $125.00

Product Photography     $100.00/hr for photography time + $50 per hour studio editing

Event Photography (excluding weddings)     $150.00/hr on location

Weddings     $1,500.00 minimum for up to five hours of coverage.  Each wedding package varies based on the client’s needs and photographic requirements.


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