Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) I receive:

How do I book you for my session/event?

Please use the “Contact” link on my homepage or send an email to mikereynolds.dib.photography@gmail.com.  For some projects, I like to set up a time to get together for coffee to go over the details and plan your session well in advance of the actual photo shoot.

What methods of payment do you accept?

I accept payment by cash and check.

What should I wear at my photo session?

I recommend that you wear something that you are comfortable in that reflects your style and personality.  I find that solid color (no patterns) dress shirts/tops/sweaters are best, as long as the color compliments your skin tone.  Please bring a couple of alternative outfits to your session, as this will allow me to capture a variety of looks and will help ensure that your personality really shines in the images.

What is your shooting style?

In general, I prefer a documentary or realistic style, with rich natural colors, with posed shots when that is called for.  I find that the most powerful and memorable images are often made when capturing moments as they unfold.  I love to create beautiful, colorful images and I make artistic use of “depth of field” (how much of the background scene is in focus) to help the subject really stand out.  I will usually include some black and white images, as well as a number of alternative processing techniques such as a vintage look.  For portraits, I will usually edit faces to help soften the skin and address any blemishes, but I am careful not to over-edit the people in my photos.  I want you to look your natural, beautiful best.  If you have any specific style or editing that you would like me to use, please let me know in advance of the session.

Are you a natural light or studio photographer?

I prefer soft, beautiful light, regardless of the source.  My approach is to have the knowledge, skill, and equipment to be ready for whatever lighting situation presents itself.  Photography is all about light, and we will find the best light for your session, whether it is from the sun or other sources.

Are you willing to travel to attend a session?

Yes.  I am based in Wilsonville, Oregon, and I do not charge for travel if the destination is in the Portland area.  I am willing to travel greater distances, but will add a travel fee to cover my expenses.

Do you include photo prints in your pricing packages?

No, although we can discuss adding prints to your package if you would like.  I structure my session packages in such a way that you receive the most high quality images at the best price.  I provide you with one or more photo DVDs (or share files directly via Dropbox.com) containing many high-resolution, edited photos that you can take and have printed at a preferred professional printer at your leisure.  This helps keep costs low, and gives you maximum flexibility to use your photos the way you want, when you want.  Many photographers do not provide their clients with digital versions of the photos, but I prefer to deliver the photos I select and edit, and you have maximum flexibility in your use of the photos.  If you decide to order prints of your photos, I recommend that you use one of my preferred photo labs, as they will ensure that the colors are reproduced accurately.

Who owns the photos?

As the creator of the photos, Dreams In Bloom Photography, LLC retains the copyright, but my clients are given the right to use the photos as they wish, including prints and online display.

How long will it take to receive my photos?

The turn-around time on photos varies depending on the time of year and my schedule.  In general, I can deliver photos for portrait/engagement photo sessions within 3 weeks.  For weddings and other large events, please allow 4-5 weeks for delivery.

How many photos will I receive?

I will generally deliver more images than you would expect.  This may vary based on the type of session and a number of other factors.  I love to deliver beautiful photos to you!  For more details, please send me an e-mail using the “Contact” link on my homepage.

What type of camera gear do you use?

I primarily use the Canon 5D Mark III DSLR camera with some of the very best Canon lenses for portraits, events, and close-up detail shots.  In addition to using natural light, I can use radio-controlled Profoto studio/location lights and Canon’s latest radio transmitter flash system, including multiple 600EX-RT flashes and the ST-E3-RT flash transmitting controller.  This allows me great flexibility in adding beautiful, natural looking light to nearly any scene.

For weddings, do you bring a backup or “second” photographer?

I sometimes use a second shooter for weddings to help ensure that all aspects of your special day receive full coverage and to provide multiple points of view of key moments.  Please send me an e-mail using the “Contact” menu on my homepage for more details.

What if (Heaven forbid) your camera malfunctions?  Do you bring a backup camera?

Yes.  I bring two camera bodies and at least two lenses to my sessions, in addition to an abundance of extra batteries, etc.

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